Paintball Pro Video and history of Paintball

It seems to me this guy really knows what he’s talking about! Only I think speedball and airball are the same thing. But I guess it’s one of those things that everybody can have there own thought. But what he’s talking about is right. The Only thing have to say is I don’t agree with the time line. The first person who invented the paintball gun and patented it was James Hale,he did this all in the year of 1974. Plus the first paintball gun (Nelspot 007) wasn’t made for sporting. It was made for farmers to mark tree’s and there cattle (cows). The first Paintball games was really first played the woods of New Hampshire! Here’s some people who played in the first game.

James Hale
Hayes Noel
Bob Glusey

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How to make woods ball course

Making a paintball course can be a very fun way to spend a hot summer day out tin the woods! You also might think that you don’t have room in your yard or something like that right? Well if you live in a town where there is no woods or if you live in the city. Then do some paintball homework and find out if there’s a course near you!

1. First find some room a big fun space for paintball is about 4 to 8 acres.

2. Clear some land you may have to do some work out in the woods but in the end it’s going to pay you back!

P.S use the sticks and brush as bunker there really great for hiding behind and blending in with your woods
3. Find some old garbage you can find it a your local dump or about 10 old garbage cans work out great depending on the size of the course.
4. Once you done with find fun a different bunkers you might want to clear more land or more brush.

Bob Long

You may be thinking who is Bob Long and why is he so important? And what does he have to do with paintball!? Well to be honest he never played paintball in his life and his real name is really Robert Andrew. He is a former Super Bowl Champion and has 2 rings of his own. Born in 1942, Robert Andrew joined the Wichita Sate University and just after 7 years he was sent to the Green Bay Packers and then sent to the Washington Redskins. Soon after the he entered the Hall of Fame. Then he gave he his football dream.